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Precision Rifle

Precision Rifle - This training is designed for those shooters who have a basic understanding of their rifle, optics, ammunition, and the basic fundamentals of marksmanship.

Defensive Carbine

Defensive Carbine - This course is designed as an introduction to the use of the defensive carbine. Many people own carbines, but relatively few operate them to potential. The carbine, when managed and operated properly, is an awesome defensive weapon.

Defensive Pistol

Basic Pistol - This is an entry level handgun course that meets and exceeds the Oregon Concealed Handgun License requirement. It is also an excellent course for those wanting to improve their handgun / marksmanship skills for personal defense or refresh themselves on the statutes pertaining to lawful handgun ownership.

Defensive Pistol - The training has a clear emphasis on the proper utilization of the pistol or revolver as a defensive tool. The techniques emphasized in this course are the same as those taught to law enforcement and military personnel.

Advanced Defensive Pistol - This course is for the pistol user to become more proficient in the use of the weapon in more complex dynamic situations.